Pupil turns Master

Chris Ward joins PG Team as Senior Associate.

16 years ago Solicitor Chris Ward turned his back on the North East to return to his roots in the Midlands. His parents were ageing and having moved north to go to University Chris and his wife felt that they simply had to return to their hometown in Nuneaton Warwickshire. Chris left behind him amongst others a young solicitor who had trained under him in Jonathan Fletcher. Roll forward 16 years and Jonathan is now a Director at the up and coming Commercial Solicitors Practice PG Legal on Team Valley. “Jonathan has gone from strength to strength, “ says Chris. “He was always a talented lawyer but it’s amazing the way he has developed his business acumen alongside his undoubted legal talents.”

So when Jonathan heard that Chris and Mrs Ward were looking for a move back to their beloved North East having sold a number of business interests in the Midlands he put in a call… and suddenly the Pupil is the Boss..

It works well says Jonathan.” We always had a good working relationship so when he wore the “big hat” he was good to me—now I can return the compliment. Chris is a seriously experienced litigator and businessman. PG Legals’ clients are the ultimate beneficiaries “

Deb Chris’s wife will shortly be taking up the Headship at Croftway Primary School in Blyth and the couple are relishing the return to the area

says Chris – I haven’t quite got used to calling him “Gaffer “ yet but we are getting there….its refreshing to be able to be involved with such a vibrant team of excellent lawyers….