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Our debt recovery team deals with all sizes of debt from the small to the very large. Each debt is considered on its own merits and wherever possible we will fix a fee for dealing with it or cap our fees for a particular stage of the process.

We believe it is important that clients know how much it will cost them to put the matter into court to ensure, taking into account the size of the debt, that it is economically sensible to do so. This is particularly important with smaller debts of less than £10,000.00 where legal costs would not usually be awarded to the “winner” in the small claims court.

Our approach is to ensure that the correct commercial approach is adopted to take into account not only what might be legally possible and the costs likely to be incurred but also the likelihood of actually being able to recover the debt from the debtor.

Our common sense commercial approach coupled with our willingness to fix fees wherever we can provides the right support for pursuing all levels of debt recovery in an economic manner.

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